Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Book Report Brochure

We are big into brochures in our classroom.  The kiddos beg to create them!  Sometimes we create them on the computer (The Spunky Monkeys are lucky enough to have 1:1 laptops in our classroom) in Publisher and sometimes we create them the good old fashioned way with construction paper and art supplies.

Since one of the first choices on my Back to School Think-Tac-Toe is a brochure book report, I thought I would share my example.  You can differentiate the heck out of this thing!  I actually provide the Monkeys with a list of options they have if they want to make a brochure.  The "must do" list on a book report brochure include: the tile, author, illustrations and connections.  After that, they can mix and match any other of the following:
  • Character descriptions
  • Top 5 List (Top Five Things I Loved About This Book)
  • Compare/Contrast with characters....they can compare the characters to each other or to themselves
  • Plot Summary
  • Setting Description
  • Setting Compare/Contrast
  • Timeline of significant Events or Plot Curve
  • Other books by the same author-TOTALLY motivating if kiddos know they can read more books by an author they have grown to love!
Book Report Brochure Book Report Brochure

Click on either page to download the pdf copy of my brochureClick on the link below if you would like to download a blank template to make your own!
Blank Book Report Template

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